Core Facility for Crystal Structure Analysis

alias Centre for X-ray Structure Analysis

Contact information

Head: Dr. Tim Gruene (Homepage)

Deputy Heads: ao. Univ.-Prof. Klaus Richter & Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing. (FH) Alexander Prado-Roller


General requests:

Administratative contact: Elfriede Limberger, Office: Mon-Thu: 09:00-17:00, Fri: 09:00-14:00

Available Services

The Centre for X-ray Structure Analysis offers different types of services, listed below. Please refer to the various links for how to request a service measurement.

Price list

List of prices for the services available at the CCSA
University of Vienna Other
SXRD 1 175.00 175.00
PXRD 1 10.00 10.00
SAXS 1 350.00 350.00
ED 1 40.00 40.00

Prices for academic users are estimated from average  annual costs for consumables and maintenance for the respective instruments. These costs do not include infrastructure related costs, like equipment depreciation, supplementary charges for overheads, costs of research premises, staff salaries.

All prices are unit prices per sample. Please not that PXRD measurements are charged in blocks of 100 samples.

For samples for Industry, please see the separate price list. In case an MTA (Material Transfer Agreement) or NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) is required, please contact as by email.