Single Crystal X-ray Structure

X-ray crystallography is the main technology for structure determination in chemistry. It requires single crystals with a size of about 20-500μm in each direction. For submicrometer sized crystals, e.g. if your sample is a powder, please refer to our electron diffraction service.

Service Requests

  • For each sample, fill in this Service Request form.
  • Send the form to
  • Bring your sample to the X-ray Centre.If possible, prepare an aliquot. The sample may get contaminated with (inert) oil during sample preparation. We use Parabar 10312 (previously known as Paratone N).

Important: The service request can only be dealt with after we received the corresponding Service Request form with all mandatory fields filled in.

Laboratory office hours/ Sample hand-over

Sample can be handed over at the X-ray facility spontaneously, or with an appointment. The laboratory office hours are usually

  • Tuesday - Thursday, 8:30am - 9:30am
  • Monday and Friday 9:30am - 10:30am

Outside these hours, please find us at our offices. Mainly Tim Gruene at 2E19. Appointments can be made, in particular for sensitive samples.

The booking of the instruments is available at this ucloud-calendar.


  • Bruker D8 dual source (Cu, Mo radiation).
  • STOE Stadivari dual source (Cu, Mo radiation), equipped with a Dectris EIGER2 R500 detector